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Marunouchi is a swanky, ultra-prestigious business area between the Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station. Once home to feudal lords, its current residents rule Japanese business, particularly the financial sector. It’s everything you’d expect from the central hub of a big city: busy, and with lots of shopping, dining, art, etc.

Woman strolling under trees, Naka Dori Marunouchi
Naka Dori Marunouchi | Photo by Gregory Lane

Where to eat and drink in Marunouchi

In Marunouchi you can find options that are high in quality and still low on price. Case in point: you can find great lunch sets of fish at Yanmo or of ochazuke, a traditional rice dish, at Dashi-chazuke EN. And speaking of fish and rice, Heiroku Sushi is a conveyor belt sushi-type restaurant that we love. To get some Osaka flavor without leaving the comfort of Tokyo, we love the okonomiyaki restaurant Kiji.

Omusubi Gonbei sells cheap and tasty onigiri.

If you want a more special eating experience, Marunouchi has several terrace options that are perfect for good weather days.

You’ve probably heard about the insane range of Kit Kat flavors you can find in Japan. Well, you can get a taste of them at the Kit Kat Chocolatory inside Tokyo Station. Perfect souvenir alert!

What to do in Marunouchi

We have a handy-dandy guide to how you can entertain yourself around Marunouchi/Tokyo Station right here. There’s also the option of making it one of your stops in a 1-day tour.

During the holiday season, we definitely suggest sucking it up and stepping out into the cold to take a stroll through the area. The Marunouchi Illumination (#5 on the list) lights up the streets for several months. And thanks to Tokyo Michi Terrace, you can enjoy a real dazzling site on the face of Tokyo Station in late December.

Where to stay in Marunouchi

As we said before, this area’s pretty much all-business, so we recommend staying in a cheapo-approved option elsewhere.

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