The operator of Tokyo Cheapo (, hereafter ‘the site’) is Fast Train Media Limited, (hereafter ‘the company’) a company incorporated in the United Kingdom.

Scope of these terms and conditions
These terms and conditions of use apply to any user (either individual or corporate) of the site. A user of the site is defined as anyone or anything that accesses a URL on the domain of the site using a web browser or any other such reader.

Tracking of site visitors
The company uses cookies to track visitors to the site for the purposes of collecting site usage statistics and for targeting advertising and promotion. All information collected through cookies is anonymized and no personal identifying information is collected. For this collection of information, we may use third party services that will also collect visitor information.

Information submitted through the site
The company collects information from users through forms and by email in order to deliver certain products and services. This information is not shared with third parties unless it is specifically required to carry out the service. Third parties are not permitted to use your information other than for the purpose for which it was passed to them. They may not pass your information to other third parties.

The company is not responsible for any loss or damage that may ensue from any data leaks by the company, our partners, advertisers, affiliates, or sites to which we link. Moreover, the company is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage due to actions taken by readers as a result of reading our articles or clicking on links within those articles.

Prohibition of Large Language Models
The company does not consent to the use of any content on the site as training data for Large Language Models (LLMs). The company reserves the right to seek damages from the operators of any LLM that uses company data without consent.

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